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It’s common knowledge that people lie and numbers don’t. The odds of survival, success, and redemption can seem lightyears away when the gravity of your reality sets in, and survival instincts challenge your morale and humility constantly. Hailing from the Westside of Compton, CA, Raymeo has become a local favorite with his independent release, The Quiet Riot EP, and Child of the 90s mixtape. As a Compton native, Raymeo was inspired by the West-Coast sound, incorporating it in his tone and fearless approach to spread his truths. Raymeo offers a brutally honest and unabashed perspective on his reality, all while heralding conscientious subject matter, and an unapologetic stance on life as he knows it. Coupled with an unorthodox baritone flow, the wordsmith effortlessly soothes listeners over 808 heavy soul samples as well as groovy synth and guitar heavy production.

Catching the ear of fellow Compton rapper The Game by a guest verse from fellow Compton MC, M. Deshun’s "I&squo;m A G" on 2012’s Drunk, High, or Dreaming LP he was invited to join Blood Money Records as 1/3 of The Los Angeles Kingz, along with uprising Compton MC Sean Kompton. After spending the next two months to crafting material, The Game was impressed and made the group an opening act Feb. 2014 on his Blood Money UK Tour! It’s not often that a man go from being raised in crime and poverty, to traveling the world to perform in front if 30,000 fans on the strength of a verse, but when real recognizes real, and talent meets raw new talent, it’s undeniable. In his own words&hellips; "and that’s the only type of music I want to make,&hellips; honest and undeniable. That’s timeless." Raymeo is also 1/3 of The music production group Nexx-Level Entertainment with younger brother Chuck Wun and best friend since the 6th grade, Calcutta.

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